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KeweonDNS (DNS Based AdBlocker)

What is keweon?

This word comes form the germany words “KEine WErbung ONline” which means translated to english “no advertising online”.
In the meantime keweon is more than a stupid Adblock System:

– Advertising Blocking
– Privacy Protection
– App Protection
– Malware Protection
– Popup Blocker
– Privacy Protection
– Ransomware Protection
– Spyware Protection
– Tracing Protection
– Tracking Protection
– Virus Protection
– Faster Internet
– Lower Bandwith usage on Mobile Phones
– Fake Software Filter
– Fake Online Shop Filter
– Phishing Protection
– and a lot of other things

How to use keweon?
It’s very easy:

1. Take the DNS Servers
2. Install the keweon Adblock Root Certificate ( <<< THIS IS ONLY A RECOMMENDATION)
3. Change your Internet Router or your Mobile Device to it
4. Reboot (Router and PC)
5. Done! That’s it.
6. See the Internet within a never seen way

In the meantime the keweon AdBlock Root Certificate has more than 4 Millions global downloads. This certificate is not required but for a few websites it is mandatory.
This certificate will only surpress the certificate errors. Not all of them because I’m still working on this.

On iOS Devices just open Safari. With Android use the default Browser and go to and after 3 sec. the download of the certificate will start. JUST THE DOWNLOAD!! You need to install it by yourself. More facts about the keweon Root Certificate will comming soon on the website.

Test the DNS Servers within this List and choose the one which is the fastest for you:…ity-t3681139#6

How to use it on Android devices:

Use an App of your choice or use this. I also use this app and from my point of view this is the worldwide best App to change the DNS settings on Android devices. No Root Access is required. The developer is from Germany and I have had a good contact to him. The app is free of charge and also free of advertising. The source code for this app is also available on GitHub. If you have troubles with it or want to have additonal features than contact the developer. He would be happy about every feedback.…erd.dnschanger

How to use it on iOS/Apple devices:

All my iOS Tester using this App. If you have a better one or you are able to translate the Android App to XCode – your welcome.…r/id1060830093

You are using Chrome and the DNS thing is not working? (thanks a lot @NamitNayan for this info)

Google wants to prevent Adblocking via DNS. Therefore they have enabled an experimental Switch by default to prevent DNS blocking.
Take a look at here if it’s not working >>> HERE <<< and fix the problem within seconds.

Image result for keweon dns

All Credits Goes To MrT69 Senior Xda Developer

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