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How To Create a Wifi Hotspot on Windows

Today I am Going to Tell You what is Wifi Hotspot , how to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot and which software is best for creating hotspot .

What is Hotspot ?

                             A hotspot is a physical location that offers Internet access over a wireless local area network (WLAN) through the use of a router connected to a link to an Internet service provider. Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology.

You can make Your Laptop a Router by Creating a Wifi Hotspot , SO other Wireless Devices Like Mobile or Handheld devices which Support Wireless Technology can easily Able to Connect with Your Created Hotspot and been able to use Internet.

There are A lot of Software Out Their which Can Create Hotspot , but Only Few Of Them Are Good…

1 : OsToHotspot (160wifi) :-
OsToHotspot is Not Much Popular but it’s the best free Hotspot Creator Software . it’s really Easy To use , it’s GUI is Very Simple. It uses Very Little RAM (Around 10-14 MB) . 
Required Space for Installation is only Around 10MB.
Just Simply Install This Program and Run it . it auto Turn ON the Wifi Hotspot..
it has A lot of Useful Features Like “Speed Mode” or “Sharing Mode”  , Wifi Drivers Updating etc.
You can Also Block a Device in It ..
 it’s The Best Free Hotspot Creator So Far. 

2 :  My Wifi Router :-
                                                            My Wifi Router is also one Of the Best free Hotspot Creator.. It’s GUI is also very Simple and Easy To use..
it consumes a little Amount of RAM (20MB approx)..
Required Space for Installation is Around 25MB.
My Router Also have Some of Useful Basic Features Like “ Auto Start “ , “Self Power Off Timer ” , Video Sharing etc..
Only Feature I miss in it is it didn’t Start Minimized on Startup..
it’s The Second Best Wifi Hotspot Creator So Far.

Now it Depends on You Which Software You Choose or Prefer .

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