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AdwCleaner (Adware Cleaner)

Adware is probably the most annoying thing nowadays. It is software, which is installed along with other programs. In most cases, it is completely unnecessary and installs without your permission. Removing all such software from your computer can take you ages and some of them even cannot be uninstalled. Thus you definitely need AdwCleaner 3.310. This simple application is designed to get rid of adware. It doesn’t require any installation at all. Simply download and run AdwCleaner.

The software has a simple and intuitive UI that comprises of a single window which is divided into multiple panes in order to display scan results. The anti-adware immediately provides you scan results which are organized into categories such as Folders, Files, Services, Shortcuts, Registry entries and Scheduled Tasks.

There is a Progress Bar beneath it where you’re able to find the four buttons for actual tasks, including Scan, Clean, Report, and Uninstall. The adware and toolbar removal utility can be easily uninstalled via Uninstall mode. The application is able to remove all its traces from the PC with a simple click.

AdwCleaner for Windows creates backups before deleting the files. The utility allows you to replace the original files in case Windows starts experiencing problems after removing them. The free adware remover for PC pops up a message that lets you save any ongoing task and close all the running apps, as it needs a system reboot to fix adware removal.

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